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Magnetic Stir Bar Retriever, 250mm/10 inch, Steel Core PTFE

Magnetic Stir Bar Retriever, 250mm/10 inch, Steel Core PTFE

Obtainium Science & Industry

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With a core constructed from robust steel and an outer surface made from chemically resistant Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), this retriever guarantees precision and durability in demanding laboratory environments.

Key Specifications:

  • Length: 250mm (10 inches) - Tailored to suit a wide range of vessels, offering versatility in usage.
  • Shape: Cylindrical - Provides a uniform and consistent stirring action, ensuring equal distribution of solutes and heat.
  • Material: Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) - Offers superior chemical resistance, maintaining integrity in various chemical environments.

Standout Features:

  • Steel Core: The robust steel core ensures a high level of magnetic responsiveness, enabling effective retrieval of stir bars, even from larger and deeper vessels.
  • PTFE Coating: The PTFE outer surface is not only resistant to a broad spectrum of chemicals, but also ensures a smooth, low-friction operation, thus minimizing wear and tear on your valuable equipment.

Key Benefits:

  • Efficiency: This convenient tool saves valuable time and effort in your day-to-day lab operations.
  • Durability: The steel core and PTFE coating ensure a long lifespan, providing exceptional value for your investment.
  • Versatility: The design and material make it suitable for use across a wide array of scientific fields, from chemistry and biology to pharmaceuticals and materials science.

The ObtainSurplus Magnetic Stirring Bar Retriever: is the trustworthy choice for professionals prioritizing efficiency, durability, and versatility in their laboratory operations.


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