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Lab-Grade PTFE 60mm Magnetic Stir Bar – 2.36 Inch Large Size for Lab Stirring

Lab-Grade PTFE 60mm Magnetic Stir Bar – 2.36 Inch Large Size for Lab Stirring

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Introducing our Lab-Grade PTFE 60mm Magnetic Stir Bar, designed with the precise needs of the professional lab. Our magnetic stir bar, crafted from PTFE (Teflon) is not only hydrophobic and highly resistant to corrosion but also non-reactive, making it your reliable mixing partner.

Here is why our Magnetic Stir Bar stands out:

• Superior Quality Material: Made from lab-grade, PTFE, these stirring bars ensure efficient and consistent stirring.

• Optimum Size: With dimensions of 60mm long by 10mm wide, it is the ideal size for a variety of laboratory experiments.

• Unique Design: The octagonal shape with a pivot ring leads to significantly less resistance, optimizing your experiment's outcome.

• Versatility: Compatible with non-flat, concave-bottom vessels, it adapts to your experimental needs.

• Safety Priority: Chemically inert nature of PTFE ensures no unwanted reactions or contaminants interfere with your research.

• Easy Clean and Storage: The smooth surface is easy to clean and store, making maintenance a breeze for busy scientists.


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