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25mL Serological Pipette, Borosilicate Glass with Amber Graduation - Eisco Labs

25mL Serological Pipette, Borosilicate Glass with Amber Graduation - Eisco Labs

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The Eisco Labs 25ml Class AS pipette with a tolerance of ±0.100ml is a precision laboratory instrument designed to accurately measure and transfer liquids. This pipette is made from borosilicate glass, known for its excellent chemical resistance and thermal stability. It is suitable for use with many substances, including corrosive chemicals and high-temperature liquids.

Key features of this pipette include:

- **Class AS**: The designation "Class AS" indicates that the pipette meets the highest accuracy standards (AS stands for "Advanced Standard"). It is calibrated to deliver (TD, Ex) with high precision.
- **Tolerance**: The tolerance of ±0.100ml specifies the maximum allowable error in the delivered volume, ensuring reliable and consistent results in quantitative laboratory procedures.
- **Amber Graduation**: The pipette features amber-colored graduations, which enhance visibility and readability against light-colored liquids, aiding in precise volume measurement.
- **Color Code**: The white color code on the pipette corresponds to a standardized color-coding system for easy identification of its volume capacity, helping to prevent errors in a busy laboratory setting.
- **Borosilicate Glass**: Borosilicate glass ensures durability and resistance to thermal shock, allowing the pipette to be used with both hot and cold liquids without the risk of cracking.

Eisco Labs is a reputable manufacturer of scientific and educational equipment, and this pipette is part of their extensive range of high-quality laboratory glassware. The 25ml Class AS pipette is ideal for use in chemistry, biology, pharmaceutical, and research labs where precise liquid handling is essential.


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