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25mL Serological Pipette, 50-Pack - Individually Wrapped, Jet Biofil

25mL Serological Pipette, 50-Pack - Individually Wrapped, Jet Biofil

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The Biofil 25ml Disposable Serological Pipette is a sterile, individually wrapped laboratory instrument designed for the accurate measurement and transfer of liquids in clinical, research, and educational settings. These pipettes are made from transparent polystyrene, allowing for clear visibility of the liquid contents and precise volume measurement.

Key features of the Biofil 25ml Disposable Serological Pipette include:

- **Sterility**: Each pipette is sterile, ensuring it is free from microorganisms and suitable for use in sensitive experiments where contamination must be avoided.
- **Individually Wrapped**: The individual wrapping of each pipette maintains sterility and ensures that they are ready for immediate use without additional sterilization processes.
- **Material**: Made from high-quality, clear polystyrene, these pipettes combine lightweight design with durability and chemical resistance, making them suitable for various liquid handling tasks.
- **Graduations**: The pipettes feature clear, precise graduations that facilitate accurate measurement of liquids. The graduations are typically printed in a contrasting color for easy readability.
- **Volume Capacity**: With a 25ml capacity, these pipettes are designed for handling larger volumes of liquid, making them versatile for various laboratory applications.
- **Design**: The pipettes often come with features such as a cotton plug to prevent over-aspiration, a color-coded band for easy identification of volume capacity, and an ergonomic design for comfortable and controlled operation.

Biofil's disposable serological pipettes are commonly used in microbiology, cell culture, molecular biology, and other fields requiring precise liquid handling and measurement. Their disposable nature eliminates the need for cleaning and reduces the risk of cross-contamination, enhancing laboratory efficiency and safety.


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